More than just an inspiration, what you like is what you can buy and install
Shoppackage is a generative AI rendering tool that helps render inspiration to fit into your house and streamline procurement with just one click.
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AI inspiration tool
Utilize AI to envision different renovation styles and receive recommended material packages. Skip the need for hiring a dedicated designer, which typically costs $1500+ and takes 100+ hours to source items.
Select a Package
AI suggests packages tailored to your preferences. Begin with a shoppable package and freely swap items. Our materials are carefully chosen for excellent design, durability, easy maintenance, and safety.
Meet with A Consultant
After confirming selections, a design consultant enters the group chat, partners with the contractor to validate measurements and quantities, and delivers a 3D rendering with the finalized materials quote. Enjoy seamless coordination and personalized choices.
Material Management
Further customize your material checklist by adding and removing product URLs. Simplify procurement with comments and tasks for your contractor, streamlining communication.
check out & install
A user-friendly interface that centralizes tracking of purchased items, delivery updates, and budget management. With everything in one place, it simplifies the process of bringing your design ideas to life.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Package?
Package is an all-in-one building and finishing materials service. We curate hundreds of design packages that homeowners can choose from, then let them customize items to fit their specific style. Once they choose their favorite package, we work with them to finalize specifications for their project, and handle all material procurement.
What is included in Package’s services?
Package provides hundreds of design packages, then works with homeowners to create a 3D rendering to get a preview of what the materials will look like when construction is complete. Once everyone is satisfied, we handle all procurement. A dedicated materials specialist will continue to work with homeowners and general contractors until everything arrives on time to break ground. We also provide a warranty on all materials.
I’m not currently in any of your service areas. When will Package be available in my city?
Package provides materials services nationwide. However, some materials have a limited shipping range and will not be available in your location. Consult with our customer service team to learn which packages are available in your city.
What guarantees does Package provide?
Package guarantees competitive pricing, a hassle-free return and exchange process, and a warranty on all materials. We will also continue to revise renderings until the homeowner and general contractor are satisfied.
I still have questions, who can I talk to?
Once you register for our service, a representative will reach out to you to help you get started. You can also call us at (650) 629-2228, email us at, or use the chat tool in our app and on our website.